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Thursday, November 20, 2008

My OPM Web-Station

Ive been recently listening this Filipino Music web station called When i started to move here in Los Angeles to be with my husband i know i cant listen to Filipino Music anymore in radio or FM station. But i remembered this site tristancafe and i said to myself im still lucky i can still listen to my music my own music. Im so glad that even im so far away with my own Homeland i still feel that im still near and even if i will live here in US for a long time they cant take away and change who and what i am that im a pure blooded Filipino.

I love music and i love my own music which is OPM(Original Pilipino Music). Tristan cafe shows you the lyrics of each song you want to play. Just click the song and then thats it another page will pop out and then you can sing with the song now. I know theres a lot of Filipino Music you can find here in the internet but i just want to share this one good site of OPM. I hope you will like it guys.