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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Daylight Saving

Before when i was in Davao i didnt know that America has Daylight Saving. My husband told me and explained it to me why US need to move their clocks backward and forward. He said its because US has 4 seasons and when its winter they have to move the time backward and when its spring it has to move forward. . Today, since its winter time we have to move backward or set our clocks backward this 2am in the morning. So from Philippine time to US, we have 16hrs difference, and as always Philippines is always ahead of time than US.

Its really amazing how the world really works. When im talking to my family in Philippines its daylight while im here in Los Angeles its night time. Inst it amazing?


My Lingerie Blog said...

So How do you like the time change?

Anonymous said...

yes jack its very amazing huh!i didn't know also before that has DS here in the US. in fact we're having an argument with my husband before why he changed the clock hehe!and he said becoz there DS here lol!And now i don't really like time changing kasi maaga mag gabi tapos time is soo early pa hehe!i will go home from work very dark na. wheww!