Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Do you want to buy a High Definition TV?

Me and hubby dream to have our own HDTV!! For now we cant buy it yet because we're still tight in money. But since i have a job now i can help my husband and save money for that. And guess what? Krillion local search via internet can provide me with accurate answers on what HDTV we want to buy. If we can find what we like most we can just go to their store to look at it and then buy it. The store is located at Mountain View, CA and its just new store founded this year 2007 of February. So all stuff are new!!

I like panasonic HDTV because this is the brand of television we have in Philippines and its been long years that we have it and still alive. Oh, i cant wait to have our own Flat screen TV!

So if you want to buy HDTV guys, just log on to krillion.com and find the one that you want. After you confirm it you can go to the store at Mountain View, CA. So happy shopping guys!!