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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Filipinos are friendster addict!!

Friendster is a community online where you can connect and make friends to other people anywhere in the world thru massages,testimonials and even pictures!!! It started in San Francisco USA. Philippines has the highest user ever throughout Southeast Asia according to and now it went to 5.3 million accounts!!!From ages 18-24 are more into friendster.

And no doubt even myself is addict in Friendster!!!

Check the link below for the video about Filipinos Friendster Addict!!

TV Patrol

If you dont have a friendster account just click here and register now!!!


Anonymous said...

jack akopud addict pero dli kabalo upload sa pics hehe!

Em said...

Wink!!! I'm one of them:)

Em said...

Wink!!! I'm one of them:)