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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Interest and All About my stuff

Im just a normal and simple human being..i love to laugh and make people laugh...i love to sing and making friends to sleep too and chillin with my husband...

500 Questions About Me
First Name: Jacqueline
Middle Name: Latorza-Buca
Nickname: U can call me Jack2 or Jackie
Age: 26
Age you wish you were: 13
Birthdate: August 15, 1980
Birthplace: Durian city of Davao
Current Location: Los Angeles California
Body Build: SLIM
Current Height: 5'2
Current Weight: I Think im 110lbs now
What Hospital Were You Born at: Mom told me it was Macasaet Hospital not existing anymore
What time were you born:
star sign: I have no idea
How much did you weigh when you were born: Stil dnt know ill ask mom again
How tall were you when you were born: dnt know about my birth stuff jst my bday sorry..
do you get along with your family?: ofcourse
any siblings?: ah huh...
pets?: b4 yeah our doggie Ewoks but dedo na i miss our dog though..
how many?: no pet for now
what kind?: ala nga eh
how many of each?:
are you happy with who you are?: ofcourse yes!
smoke: i dnt smoke
do drugs: hell nah!
cry often: ammmm yeah sometimes wen i think about so much back home
read the newspaper: yeah sometimes..
go to church: oh God sorry didnt go to church for like 1 month now!
pray: yeah i do always...
take walks in the rain: b4 wen i was in davao...
sing in the shower: oh yeah!my fave!
like school: ammmmm not really...
want kids: ofcourse yes!
if yes, how many: i wnt 2 or 3
take long showers: ammmm maybe like 15mns?
love yourself for who you are: yup pretty much..
play sports: not now
if yes, which ones: volleyball,table tennis,biliards and bowling
sleep alot: hahaha yeah!
like to sing: very much my passion...
like animals: i guess.......
like to play with fire: hehehehe lots of wild fire here in Cali so its a no no no!
fave eye color: brown
favorite hair color: black
height: 5'8
weight: how much u weight now pa?
piercings??: nope
if yes, where:
how many?:
tattoos?: well he has 2
if yes where?:
how many?: both arms
hot or cute: both
looks or personality: both
first thing you notice: eyes.........
coke or pepsi: coke
bikini or one piece: i dnt wear any im conservative!hehehe
swim trunks or speedos?: ammmm both?
love or money: oh yeah love!
pop or water: water
dogs or cats: dogs
aeropostale or american eagle: whts that?
aeropostale or hollister: huh?
hollister or american eagle: no idea at all
abercrombie or hollister: hey hey hey
american eagle or abercrombie: w8 whta are u talking about?
night or day: night
sun or rain: ammmmmmm both
croutons or bacon bits: whts croutons?
ford or chevy: ammmmm chevy i guess
john deere or case:
boxers or briefs: both hehehe
blondes or brunettes: blondes
arabians or quarter horses: ammmm dont know
green grapes or purple grapes: never had green grapes
beautiful or gorgeous: gorgeous
heck yeah or hell yeah: hell yeah!!!
hot tea or ice tea: ice tea
chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
hugs ot kisses: kisses!!!
goldstar or skyline: ammm gold na lng
quiznos or subway: ammmmmmm
summer or winter: winter i guess
wine or beer: dnt drink here
tequila or whiskey: same i dnt drink that stuff
bacardi or smirnoff:
taco bell or mcdonalds: mc donalds na lang oi
perkins or bob evans:
dominos or papa johns: never had those piazzas yet hehehe
pizza hut or larosas: pizza hut jud kay mao r may natilawan hehehe
cried in school: ammmm i think i did
gone skinny dipping: lol yeah i was stressed!
been drunk: lol yeah!it was xmas 2004 with sis and ate nora rafols lol
smoked: ammmm yeah tried once
cried on someone's shoulder: hmmmmmm did i?
had someone cry on your shoulder: yeah think so...
been kissed: hehehe xempre naman noh...
cried during a movie: lol alot!
if yes, what movie: ammm nakaliot man ko oi sorry...
seen something being born: yes
if yes, what: kambing/goat
kissed someone in the rain: hehehe nope
been in love: hehehe ofcourse yes!
had a medical emergency: ammmm so far ala pa..hope not
had surgery: ammmm nope either
spent the night in a psych ward: never
played strip poke: dnt know to play that...
played strip poker and lost?:
been picked on:
slept outdoors: never..
been on stage: hehehhe many times..
been to camp: ammmm yeah wen i was in elementary
talked to someone all night long on the phone: ammmmmmm nope
thought that you were going crazy: lol sometimes hahaha
been betrayed: many times wen im stil playing rubber bonds lol
had a dream that came true: oh yeah!
been on the radio: how i wishhhhhhhhhhhhhh
had a recurring dream: ammmmmmmmmmmmmm yeah think sooooooo
had a recurring nightmare: oo
loved someone so much that it made you cry: hell yeah many times grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
been in a car accident: nope but plz God wath me over always my husband drives so crazy!!!!!
been in a car accident on your birthday: nope
toilet papered someone's house: hehehhe nope
egged someone's house:
paintballed a cop car:
had your heart broken: yeah but im good now:-)
been dumped: hehehehe yeah sa basurahan!
dumped someone: hehehhe i think so:D
gone out with someone because you felt sorry for them:
danced in the rain: ammmm im not crazy yet
are you a romantic: yes a very much romantic
what is your view on love: ammmm being happy and stick together no matter wht it takes..

biggest turn on: smart talker and funny
biggest turn off: boring to talk
what is important for you in a relationship: open communication i guess...
do you have to know someone before you date them: yes but im not dating anymore im married na bac paulion kog pinas!
what is the best thing about the opposite sex: period!
what is the best worst thing about the opposite sex: ewan...
food: any basta lami
restaurant: chinese resto
drink: water
store: Buca store hehehe
color: white, pink, yellow and brown
shoe brand: sketchers but cant afford kalooy sad...
clothing brand: ukay2 ra ko oi lol
animal: puppies
guys name: Ant'Juan
2nd fave: JR
3rd fave: Sundy Bucs
girls name: Alice
2nd fave: Juliana
3rd fave: diding
day of the week: for now Thursday ug Friday kay day off s akong bana molaag na sad mi heehe
sport: bowling,table tennie,billiards volleyball
sport to watch: basketball
flower: roses
ice cream: rocky road
band: side A, MYMP
song: daghan man oi
quote: Love is all that Matters...
candy: snickers
season: winter
car: any basta di lng jeep hehehe
state: california
country: Philippines
you hugged: AJ
you kissed: Fafa AJ pa rin
you talked to: Diding and Clayvie
that made you laugh: fafa
you yelled at: fafa na sad..
that made you cry: c fafa AJ lang japon
that you said i love you to: hay puro n lng fafa
you hit: AJ japon
that brightened your day: kids my family back home and Fafa
you thought about: hay lagota oi c Fafa lagi!
you saw: in webcam ate dedz
miracles: yes
santa: ammm nope
the easter bunny: no
the tooth faerie: no
god: yes
elves: no
magic: i guess
witches: daw?
love at first sight: heehhe nope
reincarnation: not sure
karma: hell yeah!
yin/yang: ano yun?
heaven/hell: ammmm yes
satan: ammmm oo
angels: oo
demons: maybe
do you live in the moment: ofcourse
do you have secrets: nothin
are you tolerant? patient?: im patient
are you a daredevil?: heheheh nope
deepest fears?: ammmmmm to die and get old
are you gutsy?: sometimes hehehe
strengths?: ambot
weaknesses?: hmmmmm
confident?: sometimes
any regrets?: nope
are you passive or aggressive?: both
what shape is your heart currently in?: ammmm heart form cguro oi hehehe
interests music,movies,food,sports,chat and surf
favorite music love songs,rap,rnb and pop music...
favorite tv shows Game shows and singing competetions and variety shows...
favorite movies Save the last dance, cayote ugly and alot more..
favorite books Pocket Books & Magazines, Almanac
school AFPLC, Holy Cross of Bunawan, PCT and DMMACSP
occupation Simple House woman...