Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ready to slimdown?

My hubby is big and getting more bigger. They said when you're in love you gain weight, I dont know if its true or what. But, my husband mentioned me one thing one day, he wants to slim down through Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding. He said its just easy cause the operation is just simple. We actually saw it on tv on Discovery channel. A very big Filipino guy from Los Angeles got his LAP BAND System procedure and interviewed him what happened and even the actual operation was shown on tv. As i was watching, los angeles weight loss doctor cut the intestine and make a smaller pouch for the food storage. They put tiny camera inside of the stomach so they can see how to preform the operation.

Now the guy is very satisfied with his decision to get the LAP BAND, he said he feels good each in everyday. He said too that he can't eat too much now cause it makes him full faster and thats the main reason why they do the LAP BAND.

Im sure, if ever my husband will do that he will be more satisfied about what he will feel but im still hoping he wont get more bigger and bigger. So guys if you have plan to go through LAP BAND and feels good and more confident with your look, Journey Lite specialist will help you and assure you that you can have it.