Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cracking Up

Two oysters walk into a bar…

Oyster1 ask to oyster2: Hey buddy! what is your zodiac sign?
Oyster2 said: (He doesn't know what he is talking about:-/) You first!
Oyster1 said: My zodiac sign is CANCER!
Oyster2 said: Ammmmmm, Mine is GOITER!!:P

Hey guys! Dont you know that oyster is a very healthy mollusk food? It provides a very excellent source of zinc, Vitamin B-12, and omega 3 fatty acid. This mollusk is know as the low calorie protein.

So if you want to be healthy eat oyster. I tried it so many times cause my parents always buy oyster. I really dont know what i can get from oyster but now since it is not just yummy but also a healthy food im craving for it now. I might go out and tell hubby to go to Asian store to get oyster.

So guys visit the site rigth now and be more aware of what you can get from Gulf oysters.