Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I caught fake $100 Bill

As a cashier, when a guest give us a $100 bill we have to check if its fake or not. But last night i finnaly caught one from a a mexican guy, the sign that the bill is fake is theres no line inside the paper bill. I caled my team leader to check it and she told me to ask the guest if he has anotehr form of payment but i got scared cuz im afraid how to approach him and becuase its my first time. So my team leader asked him if he has anotehr form of payment and its good he gave me another 100 dollar bill. For 3 months of working in a cashier in Target that was my first time to find out a fake bill. I really dot know what to say to the guest if i approach him that the bill is fake or what cause its embarrassing for him if ill tell him he gave me a fake bill. But really i dotn know what he's thinking, maybe he knows its fake cause he ddint say anything about it or maybe if he can fool me and accept the fake bills. That was one of my cashier adventure.


MariaLinda said...

hello jackie,

hope you are in good health and spirits. after reading this post, i realized that the reason why i haven't received any reply from you to a message I left at the magkabilang-buhay post is that you haven't read my message at all.

Plese read it and hope you will reply. Thank you