Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Bet David Archuleta in American Idol 08

I watch American Idol since it has been started for the auditions for this season. My hubby recorded the episodes when im at work so i cant miss it. But this is what i what i missed last night, its David who sung the song Imagine by John Lennon. I missed when its David's turn cause hubby had to play the movie Mona Lisa Smile.

Anyways,David is my only bet to win for this season. When i watched him sing on his audition i knew that he can make it. And i wasn't wrong.

David is young, charming and likable as Simon said. He has the voice and when he sings he feel the song and its very clever. Here is the episode i miss last night.


mari said...

i agree with you too. this is their second week of performance and he still gets the same feedback.. he is really good!

friend, i have a tag for you. i hope you can make it: