Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Sick Niece

Good morning Guys, last night my brother texted me that my niece had her check up and admitted in the hospital. I was kinda worried cause she has fever and cough. But this morning my bro said she has Pneumonia. Now i am more worried, not because of the money but because the health of my niece. Im here right now, praying and hoping that everything will be fine. I replied to my bro but then he's not replying me.

I love my niece so much and my nephews too. But my niece, I was the one who took care of him when she was still a baby. I had so much sacrifices and so much fun too with her. Thats why we are so close with each other. I remember my bro told me one time that he found my niece inside my room back home looking at those pictures hanging on the wall and about to cry. My bro asked her what are you doing in here? She just said Oh dad look at Tita(Aunt) and her eyes were teary. When my bro told me that, i was crying cause i miss her so much. Now, im crying here. I really miss home so much...If only i have lots of savings i wanna go home right now. But im stuck in here cause this is the life i choose. I dont regret it but still its different when you are close to your family.


Myrna said...

Aguy Jack na makulbaan nata ana pud. another u know...hay!thats life Jack we'll paray for her and stay healthy always..