Monday, February 4, 2008

What a busy life..

Hi guys how are you? I want to apologized to some o my friends who left some messages on my tag board for i didnt reply them back right away. I was kinda busy at work. I hate when my days off is ahead from my working days. So thats why i wasn't updating my blog for how many days due to im busy and when i get home i passed out and go straight to bed.

Anyways, since i went to work yesterday very early from 8:30am to 5pm i got the chance to watched Super bowl on the 2nd half. I was really laughing cause my hubby is on the side of Giants and Tony(Michelle's' hubby) is for Patriots, they're both yelling and very happy when each time their team got scores. It was really funny cause my hubby was running around screaming when his team got points. I said oh my God this people are really crazy. I really enjoyed it. Giants won and hubby was so happy. Sorry for the Patriots follower hehehe.