Monday, March 10, 2008

Annoying Pop-ups!!

In past 3 days im getting this annoying pop ups! I wonder why its like this when i didnt sign up from anything. Each time i open my blog or other's blog i usually get this pop up and i hate it of course nobody wants to be interrupted. As i visited avee's blog i read her post about pop ups too. I though im not just the one has the problem with it but my other co-bloggers are.

Now as i talked to Avee she told me that from those free widgets that we signed up probably the hackers installed a code in there so thats why we're getting this advertising pop-ups but yesterday morning before i went to go to work i had a porno pop-up, uh-oh!! So for the mean time i deleted so of my widgets. So i dont have this pop-up anymore when i open my blog but when i open my other blogger's site still im getting this pop-up because their widgets are still in there site.

So for my co-blogger if you dont want to get pop-pop just delete your other widgets for the meantime.