Thursday, March 27, 2008

Chikezie Eze Eliminated on American Idol

Chikezie Eze is one of my hubbys favorite in American Idol Contestant. But too bad he is already eliminated last night. I think everybody in top 12 are good singers and has real unique talents. But we all know that only one can get the big Prize. As Simon said last night, Chikezie Eze chose a wrong song or not fit for him, He said it wasnt original. So i guess when the other finalist chooses wrong songs for the next round i bet the judges will cut their head off from American Idol!! But still it saves them when they have lots of relatives and friends of course fans that will vote for them. So good luck to everybody especially David Archuleta my bet and Ramielle Malubay( Filipina).

Watch youtube video here of Chikezie when he sung his last song.