Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Date with an Oyster?

I love oyster. When i was back home in Philippines i remember that me and my sister together with some of my friends go to our favorite buffet restaurant for a weekend night out. I like it there because they have lots of food to offer like fruits, meats, and seafoods, you name it. In that place too i remember to ate oyster for the first time. So after we tried that buffet for the first time we kept coming back at that place and eat a lot of food. Since im already here in US i started missing to go that place and eat everything i want especially the oyster. But my sister, she told me that they still go out with her some of her friends on weekends. Oh i miss that place for real. And oh! I remember that when my hubby came to see me last August 2006, we brought him there and ate at the buffet place. Even him like the place and the food.

Anyways, since we are talking about Gulf oysters. I want you to know that oyster, is a very healthy food. Its not yummy but also give us the vitamins of A, B, C and D. Its not just that, it also a good source of calcium and protein.

So guys be oyster aware now. It really helps you to boost your calcium. We all know that we need calcium to make us strong.