Monday, March 10, 2008

Good Morning and Happy Monday!!

Hi guys how are you?Good morning!!! I wasn't able to post yesterday cause i had a long day yesterday. When i came home i felt so tired and dont feel to update my blog. Though it was tiring and long day i still had an exciting day yesterday. Dont you know that i saw a guy took something from the store and put it on his tummy under his shirt? At first i thought the civilian guard was playing with him cause he kept chasing the guy and i was thinking the other guy was an employee or something cause i saw him almost everyday in the store. But when i saw him put the item under his shirt i told the civilian gurad that i saw it and he said shhhhhhhhh so i pretend i didnt see anything but i guess the other guy knew him he was being followed so he kept walking and turning to around to the shelves to lost the civilian guard. So i went my own way too cause it was lunch and pretend nothing happened im sure the civilian guard handle the issue but until i went off from work i dont have any update anymore, i dont if he catch the guy or he handcuff him.

So thats what happened at work, i saw 2 incident already and handcuffed the thieve at the store. I got scared when they they catch someone cause i feel something will happen at work. Anyways, thats life, i guess some people steal stuff so they will survive cause i know life here in America is hard but still its not right, all you have to do is work hard and survive.