Friday, March 28, 2008

Got Art?

I love art and i love to paint. When i was back home in Philippines i used to draw lots of things. But now im here in America i dont have time for it because im so busy with my life, work, home, husband you know. Now, all i can do is watch paintings and sometimes i buy too. And sometimes when me and hubby have free time in weekends, we go places with paintings or shop and watch galleries.

Anyways, paintings is a unique gifts to your love ones. In fact when i go back home next year i want to give a gift to my dad which is his picture. And guess what i have a site that i can get that gift. Its so easy. All i have to do is upload the image that i want then they will paint it. Very affordable and all you have to do is give them 20% of down payment of the price. Very friendly because if you dont like the paint you can send it back to them and then they will redo the paint with different artist. Cool huh? They paint with Oil, Charcoal, Watercolor,Pastel, Pencil,Acrylic.

So guys, what are you waiting for? Order now and get a paint of your self. It would be lovely im sure!!! Visit the site right now only at