Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Had to Cut my hair!

Today this morning i was in my bed thinking, i said to myself ill cut my hair. I did it and guess what? I cut it with my own hands! It was hard but i made it. My husband was surprized lol! He said how come you did it? Why you didnt go to the salon? I said what for it is even right? Hahahaha. I decided to cut it cause its been a long time i dont have a short hair it feels like i have to try something new. Aftern everything was done i felt my head is so lite. It feels good while i was out with hubby. We went to get the box so i can send my gifts for my family then we went to the Mall to grab some Victoria secret colognes and guess what its so cheap only $30 for 6 colognes! What a good deal!!

So guys this is my look now: