Sunday, March 2, 2008

Holla!!!Happy Good Sunday!!

Hi Fellas good morning everyone. Im kinda sad today cause Michelle called me and she told me that maybe we cant see each other anymore i mean for the mean time cause shes leaving today to go home back in Cebu City. And since im working tonight then i guess i cant see here anymore. I thought she leave tomorrow night but she said it will be 12:30am March 3. I felt sad cause i dont have buddy here to talk to some things. And ill be cooking alone in the kitchen not like before i go and see Michelle in the kitchen. I told hubby i wanna go home too but he told me ill go next year. Poor Jackie.

Oh well, thats life as usual. I guess i have to go work and enjoy it. So i wont feel the homesick and feel bored here in America.

To Michelle, Von Voyage!!