Friday, March 14, 2008

I decided to get an iMac!

Today is Friday and i just worked for 4 hrs today started 8am till 1230pm. While at work im so excited and wanna go home and wishing my work is over. Im excited because we will get the New computer at Apple store in Glendale Galleria. Aside from the computer im excited too to get home because two of my friends keep texting me that there's a lot of opp in PPP. Gush, i cant stop myself checking the phone if there's still more. And when i get home the first thing to do id turn on the computer and im so lucky there are still opp waiting for me. Now, i grab the video opp for oyster. But still waiting for hubby to take video of me. So for now my day is okay. I worked and i grab some bucks too from blogging. Later guys!!