Thursday, March 6, 2008

Im so pissed!!!!

Hey guys im so pissed today! Before i went to work i tried to get some ads and luckily i got 11bucks. Just right before i submit my post, the 90 bucks came out!! I said d_ _ m!! I could get it if i did not reach into 3 post for today. Gush i was really pissed off cause its really a big amount. I went to work very pissed and called hubby about it. He just laughed at me!!! Even when i was in the bus already i checked the PPP and still available!! I was really disappointed. But i think its okay, maybe its not really meant for me im sure there will be more ads to get for next days, i hope. Today was okay i got 43.50 bucks. I really like chasing ads cause its very exciting and fun especially when me and buddy Lira trying to get it. And guess what me and hubby decided to get the iMac so i can get the ads faster. Hehehehe. I hope!!!