Friday, March 14, 2008

Injury Claim Calculator

Sometimes if we have accident or somebody hit you by the car and you think its just small or nothing we just pass it away. But we never know we have the right to get accident compensation claims.

Here in America they believe that small or big accident people can get an accident compensation claims especially if they know they are right. Just like my co-worker. She told me that she was hit by the car when she crossed at the street of of course it was a stop sign and she was in pedestrian lane. The car hit her on his hips, though she dont feel nothing at that time still she called a police and then report and set everything. Then she realized after 1 day from the accident she felt something. So its good that she got the claims.

So guys dont just take it away when you have a small accident, refer to the site if you seek accident compensation claims. Its for your own good.