Tuesday, March 18, 2008

IZEA Ranks

Most of us all bloggers depends to our ranks. We all know that the higher rank the higher and better opportunity we can get especially when we are part of advertising sites. I have been signing up to other blog ranks just like Alexa and Google. Unfortunately i still didn't get any rank from google but my Alexa is improving. But the new and reliable blog rank right now is the IZEARanks

IZEA created this blog ranking tool that gives us blogger a reliable source of data collection, honest and responsible in terms of blog traffics. And i believe that even though i dont have blog rank yet to goolgle im still happy that my IZEArank is good and more improving. And as long as my real rank is keep moving on top then i know ill be fine.

When i knew about this IZEArank that i could install and view my rank as my widget, and seen some of my co-bloggers have their own IZEArank, i never hesitate to sign up at the site and register my blog. I did install it to my blog, so each time i want to know what is my real rank i can just look at my blog site. And one thing that makes more excited with is i can compare my blog rank to other on how long should i go more to get more traffic and be one of the top bloggers in the blogosphere. It brought me to more exciting world since i have been active in blogging and i more eager to make my IZEArank to be on top and work it out. And when i dont have work or if im on my days off, my computer is always on and never have the chance to turn it off and you know already that im here facing it cause of blogging.

Anyways, for those who dont have their IZEAranks yet you can now install it to your own blog. All you have to do is sign up at the site, register your blog and then confirm your email then you are on your way to display it to your blog as your blog widget. It's easy and simple steps.

So guys get it now and be one of us!!