Thursday, March 13, 2008


I recently change my domain and submit to smorty again cause my other domain is not good anymore. I joined smorty because of blog for money. Through smorty, if your blog is approved they will give some task to advertise in your blog that is called advertise on blogs. So far, i earned some money because of this. And Im so happy that i can help my hubby a little for the expenses or bills at home.

So guys, join and start blogging for money. Im sure you will love and get addicted to it. In fact, when i dont go to work im just here at the computer blogging.

JOining smorty is just so easy, just remember that you have a professional blog, descent and has lore traffic and ofcourse your blog is 3months old. If you dont meet that requirement im sure smorty will review your blog more and maybe decline.

But if you feel you are qualified then join smorty now and start to get paid for blogging.