Friday, March 14, 2008

NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer resigns

Everyone of us has it's own issues. But we should not judge others people's life. Just like Gov. Eliot Spitzer. I may not know him much but i know for sure that everyone of us made a mistakes. I know he has the right to be forgiven by American people. But because he is a public image it really affects his duty to serve the country as Governor. I know he should be a model to his country men. But as i said he is only a human who made mistakes. Who among you here dont make mistakes in life? Nobody is perfect is this world. In my own thought and opinion though Gov. Spitzer has failed his people but i know still deep inside his heart he is still good person cause if he dont then he wont be a Governor of New York and nobody believes in him before.

But in this issue. Gov, Spitzer has finally made his resignation effective on Monday. Due to prostitution scandal he will be impeach by Republicans if he didnt step down.

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