Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ocen Potion Dark Tanning Lotion Contest!!

Spring day is about to come and i know each of everyone needs a good lotion. No worries now cause dark tanning lotion is here to give us good and tan and perfect skin that we can enjoy.

Since tan skin is hot and i dont wonder mostly white Americans love to go to the beach for sand bathing. But for this cool and awesome dark tanning lotion no need for you to go sand bathing just use the dark tanning lotion so you can have the tan and prefect skin. It's not just for tanning it protect us from UV exposure from sunlight.

I decide to join the Spring Break contest because all my friends are into it. The contest is called EXTREME Spring Break Challenge. And we never know if you want to vote for me and keep viewing my video then i can get the big prize!!

But if you wanna join too just make visit the site and make the commercial for any of the ocean potion dark tanning lotion products. Then upload in youtube and then submit your video to the site. Dont forget the rules for the contest.

So what are you waiting for? Make your own video right now and join the contest too!!


Avee said...

sis why cant hear the sound ;(