Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Our Dinner for Tonight

Its my day off today and tomorrow and that means i have to cook for our meal. Since i just worked yesterday for 2 hrs. due to some unreasonable headache(lol) I have to do my house chores including cooking but guess what im just here at the computer and chasing those opp. And Its my lucky day cause today i got 3 opps and i got 72 bucks for that(lol).

Anyways, i still have the chance to make our dinner. I asked My buddy Lira what would be a good recipe for tonight. She told me if i have chicken or pork i can add ketchup, pepper, water and the common spices just like onions and garlic. Since i made chicken adobo last night i decided to make the pork meat for Lira's Recipe. So here it is.

So i hope hubby will like it. Im just glad that my husband has dont have any preference to food. He said he can eat anything or whatever ill make. So im so lucky to have him cause its not hard for me (lol).


lira said...

ayay. pirting luto sa mrs oi. panghatag sab beh. ayaw ng luto, katong sa imong halin ra...hehe