Monday, March 31, 2008

Peso is coming up!!

Im so happy to know that Peso is coming up. When i send money back home last Friday through Philippine National Bank im a bit feel glad that its already 41.10 pesos in 1 dollar. The last time i saw the exchange rate was 39 pesos. But finally its coming up and hope it will come up more and more. Since when i got here in LA the lowest exchange rate i saw was 38.90 pesos. That was so disappointing. And hope that it will come back to atleast 50 pesos per dollar. I will be more happy with that.

Oh well if you want to know how much is the exchange rate in PNB you can see at their site.

Ooopppsss!!! Its not consistent!!! When i just visit the site right now the peso is drowning again!! Its 41.00 now!! Gush...Oh well i guess thats life....