Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rank Your Site for "Armand Rousso"

I had my collection stamps before when i was in high school, I loved collecting stamps and i even asked my friends and relatives if they still have the stamps on their letters. But suddenly, when i was in college i lose my collection because i didnt pursue it. But in Armand Rousso Philately Article you can read all about Philately means the art of collecting stamps.

Armand Rousso started collecting stamps at the age of 12 and he believes that Philately Extends Life. And he said Philately is also a way to learn more about the outside world and ourselves, and as we learn, we also grow.

Thats why when i was in High School i remember the feeling of excitement when i got a letter from my high school friend's mom. At that time she was in Taiwan. I got excited because i got a new stamps from Taiwan.

So guys visit the Article of Armand Rousso about Philately. Now, Im thinking to start collecting my own stamps and ill start writing to my friends in Philippines and other States of America.


idealpinkrose said...

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