Thursday, March 13, 2008

Some Vacation Ides

Ive noticed that even life here in America is hard and not easy because of work loads, people can still find time for a vacation get away. Though people here are so much busy on how to balance work and family still they have time for enjoyment.

But for me, since im working now and saving my money just like other people i think ill take a trip or vacation with hubby. I really wanted to go to San Diego zoo. I heard a lot of things about it. In fact i saw pictures of my close friend when she was in there. And what attract me most was here picture with the Flamingo. I really wish i could see one of those. So maybe in the nest 3 months we'll probably get a trip to San Diego since it 1 hour drive only here in Los Angeles. Me and hubby deserve for a vacation trip cause we both working hard and no more time to enjoy ourselves outside.

Anyways, if you want a family vacation ideas just go to newsletter sign-up page from the site. Remember not only San Diego zoo is available but you have lots of things to do in Washington DC, San Francisco and even here in Los Angeles and a lot more.