Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Still Thinking If ill get an iMac

For the past few days im so excited to get a new computer as to my previous post i wanted to get an IMac. As i mentioned from my previous too me and hubby will get the new computer this coming Friday. But hubby called me today from work if im really really sure to get the new computer. Now he made me think twice about it. Im thinking im not sure anymore cause iMac is super expensive and the money we will use is my savings. I know sometimes we have to reward our self but im thinking we dont really need a new computer at all. Our desktop is still fine and i can still grab campaigns from advertising sites. Maybe im just the one who is slow from grabbing it.

So now i have a hard time to decide cause hubby was excited too but when i told him im not sure anymore he was kinda disappointed. Oh well, we'll see what we can see hehehe...

What do you think guys? Should i get iMac or No? Help!!!