Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Touched with this Quote

"When life's problems seem overwhelming,
look around and see what other people
are coping with. You may consider
yourself fortunate."

It is very true that sometimes that our problem is so easy. Whatever it is, seems we're just relax and never thank God for the things we have got. But we never know that other's life is so hard trying to survive and solve their own problem especially in day to day living. Im so touched because sometimes i forgot to say thank you to the Almighty each time my day is finish from work. And sometimes, i see lots of Mexican people here in LA trying to survive and try to get a real job, and just waiting outside the store and asking for a job or anything that people from the store can offer them for a help so they can have some money to spend from their day to day living. Im so lucky enough that i have a job, i earn at least. And can get what i want while some people cant eat.

We should be thankful that we have our own home, family and friends that always support us. Life may not be easy atleast we have our family and friends to lean on. And NEVER ever judge the people around you because you dont know what they're going through in their life.