Thursday, March 13, 2008

Victoria Secret Skin Care Fragrance

As i mentioned to my post the last time, we bought some Victoria Secret colognes to send in Philippines for my Sister and in-laws. But as i talked to my sister today early this morning she asked me how much of each cologne, i told her i got 6 for 30 bucks and its a 250ml. She told me wow thats so cheap! She even told me ill give her 2 different colognes. I said we'll see hehehe. Anyways, I posted this about VS because my sister told me that when you buy it in Philippines it cost 560 pesos for each of the 256 ml at the Department Stores. So i was thinking like why dont i buy more and let my sister sell it to her friends for cheaper. Since for 6 bottles of colognes is 30 bucks it cost 5 dollars each. So in Philippine money its only like 200 pesos and im thinking my sister can sell it for like 350 pesos. I think it will be a good business for them. So i might grab some more of VS next week and then send my balikbayan box at the end of this month.