Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Balik Bayan Box for My Family

I have been collecting stuff for my family. I bought stuff that is cheap and on sale in Target where i work as a cashier. Its so obvius because you can see the bags from Target(lol).

I got almost everything my family's needs and wants. Except for the shoes that my brothers request. I told them only the stuff ill get and that i can afford. I told them too that life here in America is not easy. Im pretty sure that mostly Filipinos think when you are here in US you already have a bright future. But they didnt know if you dont want to work hard you cant get what you want. Its really true. Im so lucky that im located here in LA. I dont have to drive cause we are accessible in buses. Plus its not worth it to drive cause the gas price is so high. Not like in other state, if you dont drive you stuck at home. Im so thankful to God for everything.

Anyways this is the Balikbayan box im saying. For those who stays here in LA. You can call at that number on the box to send your stuff. Free box and only 55 bucks to send unlimited weight!! That is Unifreight. Send now!!


lira said...

barato lagi padala jak

Jacqueline Latorza Reese said...

lagi barato r jud daghan mn gud competenxa dri na door to door lir unya u know daghan kaau mga pinoy dri

idealpinkrose said...

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