Wednesday, April 30, 2008

An Evil Father

2 days ago in the news, A father from Austria jailed his duaghter for 24 yrs in basement. And guest what? he was fathering her for 7 children. The daughter had the chance to tell the whole story to the police when her eldest from her father is very sick and had to admit in the hospital. She hasked her father to go in the hospital to know the condition of her daughter and the father had a little feeling of humanity at that time so he let her daughter went to the hospital.
I was really shocked and feel sorry for the daughter. Now, she is 42 yrs old now. She never see the sunlight for 24 yrs. Can you imagine that? How can a father did that to her own daughter. So evil!!! I cant imagine a father can do that. Only crazy people can do that.
Guys if you want to read more about that story, you can click here.


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