Thursday, May 15, 2008

First Thing Tag

Thanks Sis Avee for this tag.

Type in the first thing that comes to mind when you see these words:

Relationships * marriage?
Your Last Ex * ammmmmmmmm
Power * power puff!!
Food * Home made Spaghetti
Drugs * Ammm,?
The President * Gloria step down!!
War * IRAQ!
Cars * Hubby's Baby Honda Civic!!
Gas Prices * Too high!!
Halloween * disco!!
Religion *Catholic
Politics *CORRUPT
Myspace * deleted
Worst Fear * death
Marriage * Happy Ever After
Sex * Sarap lol
Fashion *clothes
Brunettes * American Ladies?
Work * i hate it!
Football * i dont know!
Animals *i want dog
Vanilla Ice * Wanna taste it
Britney Spears * stand up!
Porta Potties *EWWWW!!!!
Pajamas * B1 and B2 ahihihi
Pictures * Pose!!

Im tagging my friends. I hope you enjoy answering this first thing tag. Just answer it what comes first on your mind. So enjoy guys!!!

  • Nancy
  • Nextinternetmillionaire
  • NGDolar
  • Norm
  • Parisukat
  • Pennylane
  • Petra
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