Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy B-day Bro!!

Its my eldest brother Jhing's B-day today!! This lad is a chickboy!!! (lol) Hope no more chicka babes now since you have 2 cute lil babies in the house. Seriously, This bro of mine is kinda strict when me an my sis still kids. When he saw us on the street late at night with friends he always yell at us to go home. What can we so he is our eldest. We respect him so much as we respect our parents.
Im so proud of this guy because he is a basket ball star in our place. Not just in our place actually, he also travel and get hired to play in the other cities like Cebu, Leyte and some places. And almost everybody in our place know him cause hi is so popular. Thats why me and my family are so proud of him.
This guy already work hard when he was young. I remember, i think he was only 16 yrs old he worked with our neighbor as assistant. So thats why he didnt finish his college cause of our needs. He help my parents to assist our needs especially to me. He contributed my tuition fees when i was in college. That's why i have a big gratitude to him and even to my other brother. Thats why no matter what i still help them and their families cause i love them so much.
Oh well, i hope kuya, you have always good health and your family and also everyone in our family actually.
God bless you!!


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