Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's Your Chance to win Nintendo Wii!!!

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Charter will allow everybody to register on their site with your e-mail adress and other information a chance to win Nintendo Wii. If you win, you can receive a lot of stuff like a Nintendo Wii Console, Wii Stand, 5 Sports games ( Boxing, Baseball, Tennis, Golf and bowling), 1 Remote Controller, 1 Nunchuk Controller, 1 Sensor Bar, 1 Wii AC Adapter, 1 Wii AV Cable. And then you are ready to play, no more other stuff or equipment.

Plus, everyone is given a chance to bid on receiving Charter High-Speed® Internet for Life. But before you bid make sure your place is accessible by Charter Signal. Cause if it dont its useless. Got to the site to check it and put your zipcode and then submit then you will know your area is accessible with Charter signal.
Anyways, the bid starts only at 10 bucks. For complete Auction and Sweepstakes Rules go to:

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