Monday, April 7, 2008

Pangarap ko Ang Ibigin ka by Sarah Geronimo

Ive watched Pangarap na Bituin ever since it started on Tv. I dont have TFC here but thanks to Telebisyon i was able to watch it online. The story is all about Emerald and Terrence were bestfriends since when they were kids and fell apart for some reason and met again when they grew up. Then they both have feelings for each other but they cant accept to their selves that they are inlove because they think they will be bestfriends forever. But in this episode. Terrence was about to marry his girlfriend Cassie but she gave up in the end cause she knew Terrence and Emerald are inlove with each other. Emerald was singning the song Pangarap ko ag Ibigin Ka.
When i was watching Sarah singing the song im so touched and crying. Her voice is so pure. Shes really one of a kind artist in Philippines. Very talanted not just in singing but also acting and now dancing.
I hope one day i can meet Sarah here in US.